The Britney Spears Headscarf

There's no one on planet Earth right now that personifies the phrase "done lost her mind" better than Britney Spears. She's a baby-dropping, cheetos-eating, train wreck of an aging pop star and we all know she flipped out and shaved her head a few months back but we'd much rather see her sporting some kind of fierce GI Jane buzzcut rather than what she's been doing.

The Britney Spears headscarf. This look says sloppy to us. We really hate it. We think it might be ok to and fro the gym or at the beach but really never else. And what's most disturbing is the idea that this trend is spreading.


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Bookgirl said...

i think we're going to be the Stages of Britney Spears (oh yes, that will be me with the airborn cabbage patch kid and the faux steering wheel) for Halloween. Want to play?